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CONGO FASHION WEEK (“CFW”) is the leading fashion event in central Africa. Created in 2011 by Marie-France Idikayi, CFW provides a platform for emerging and established Congolese and African designers, models, and other key players in the fashion and beauty industries.

CFW aims to make Congo (the second-largest country in Africa) a central hub of the fashion industry. We are more than just a fashion show. Fueled by the Congo Fashion Institute (“CFI”), CFW implements the business of fashion through various initiatives such as workshops, networking, exhibitions and lobbying key stakeholders in order to build a strong fashion industry in Congo. Each year CFW presents an opportunity for buyers, members of the public and the media to discover the latest trends in the industry.

CFW is here to ensure that Congo plays a key role in the continuing expansion of the African fashion industry. It is more than the Congolese man’s love of “LA SAPE”, it is the thorough implementation of the business of fashion.

Set over a 5-day period, it is the country’s most important fashion Rendez-Vous. Kinshasa, the country’s capital is its largest metropolitan and features a great mix of people and culture.

  • Promote Congolese and African fashion/culture

  • Develop a sustainable fashion industry

  • Increase tourism in Congo

  • Contribute to the economic empowerment and growth

  • Build strong brands within the Congolese/African community both in Congo and abroad



Outubro 29 (Terça-feira) - Novembro 2 (Sábado)


Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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