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Who is Hub of Africa Fashion Week?


Hub of Africa Fashion Week (HAFW) was created with the understanding that there is a need for an event that can highlight the growing talent of African designers and brands to the international market. The philoso­phy of the company is to be the event that can create a linkage amongst different sectors in the growing garment industry in Africa, while being a platform for designers and other segments of the industry to market their brands internationally.


HAFW has from its conception in 2010 has always been about transferring that richness to the global view of the continent and its fashion, not as just the needy, but the creative and amazing richness it has in all aspects of its history.  Over the years, HAFW has grown, but the most exciting and amazing thing for us to have witnessed is the growth of the industry, the designers, and the recognition of Africa as a true destination for sourcing manufacturing, textiles, leather, and labels and designers. 



Our idea was, “there is NY fashion week, there is Paris Fashion Week, there is Milano Fashion Week…..why can’t we have an Addis Fashion Week. Giving platform to hard working designers and the thousands and possibly millions within Africa that they directly or indirectly employ is necessary to promote, standby, and nurture.


HAFW is committed to be a part of the growth of the industry in Ethiopia and the region by making Addis the HUB, encouraging designers, making links between buyers, manufacturers, and international media.  


Over the past years of organizing HAFW, we have learned that there is great interest and demand from many more local and regional designers, as well as textile and manufacturing entities to participate during HAFW.  We believe this will create linkage between different sectors towards a linear added-value growth of the industry. This is crucial for sustainable development of not only the industry, but also Ethiopia and the region.


HAFW 2018 looks to continue the success of the pervious fashion weeks.  Aside form the runway shows; other programs and side events will be planned including workshops and seminars in collaboration with Africa Souring & Fashion Week. These events will bring local and regional key industry individuals with seasoned international industry figures to discuss and share ideas and experiences on how to grow and develop the fashion and garment industry to compete in the global market.

Who is Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyant Marketing Agency was established to cover a niche market within the African community to serve as  the “go -to agency” with purpose. Purpose being, a contribution to the communities and society with a vision of building and creating sustainable development through creative ideas. By coming together and working under the same terms, jobs and development will be created not only in the inner cities but also in the rural areas. Clairvoyant the Agency aims to focus the week’s activities not only on run way shows, but also on education in this industry through workshops in preparation to create working opportunities.


outubro 9 (Quarta-feira) - 12 (Sábado)


Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa

Hyatt Regency, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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